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"LIVE" PODCAST March 31st 2020

Derick Kirkham
in conversation with

Karen Eden Herdman

This month it's my pleasure to be in conversation with Master Karen Eden Herdman, who was originally from Roanoke, Virginia USA but now lives in Denver Colorado with her husband and son, is a 7th Dan in the Traditional Korean art of Tang Soo Do TSD.

She is a proud multi nationality, Cherokee native American woman, who works on social projects with the Cherokee nation on tribal lands and reservations. She also teaches street youth and former gang members in the under privileged areas of Denver Colorado.

She is a passionate Christian, an ordained minister, a member of the Salvation Army and the Scout Movement.

She has appeared in or has written for almost every major martial arts magazine in the USA, she has appeared in 2 films doing stunt work in Van Damme’s “Sudden Death,” and an acting role as News Anchor in Cynthia Rothrock's “Sworn to Justice”.

She is a published author of 5 books; Will I Ever Feel Happy Again?, '- Doing Something': Young People As Social Actors, "They call me MASTER", "I Am A Martial Artist" and "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Tae Kwon Do." She is also a regular columnist in TaeKwonDo Times & Century Martial Arts.

She is a former national tournament Champion and competitor at world championship level within the World Tang Soo Do Championships.

She was also a meteorologist, broadcaster, journalist who has worked as a reporter and news desk anchor for NBC, FOX and PBS and has appeared on CNN and reported for the FOX National and Animal Planet. FOX31, Fox 53 Pittsburgh, WJAC-TV News, WSLS 10 /, Z104, K92 - WXLK 92.3FM, Q99 - WSLQ 99.1

Karen also champions her own charitable group, "The Eden Assignment", which is involved in various social projects.

Karen is a double entry member of the Martial Arts Hall of Fame and has recently been awarded her own day in Denver. "The Karen Herdman Day.”

She started her training career in the MA in 1990 by simply picking up the yellow pages because she fancied doing a MA

Links to Karen's Books

Will I Ever Feel Happy Again?
Doing Something': Young People As Social Actors
They call me MASTER
The Complete Idiot's Guide to Tae Kwon Do.
I Am A Martial Artist