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The Shotokan Karate Union is a non-profit International Shotokan Karate Organisation that was established in Great Britain in 1985 and since that time we have been dedicated to our coaching philosophy of "the improvement of standards in pursuit of technical excellence." While there is the availability for SKU members to participate in the competitive arena, the coaching emphasis within the structured grading system is firmly based upon the traditional art form. From the outset we chose to follow the traditional Japanese Shotokan Karate coaching methodology. Nevertheless, we recognise, advocate and utilise the many of the modern sports sciences to test and hone our Karate-ka and assist them to achieve their highest personal technical standard. In 1985 we were at the vanguard of coaching education in the martial arts, when we pioneered a gold standard system of coaching, "The Coaching award scheme", we also produce numerous publications to aid in the coaching of and the understanding of coaching, for the benefit of the members. As the aim of the Shotokan Karate Union will always be to ensure that coaches and students alike strive for the improvement of standards whilst in pursuit of technical excellence everyday.

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          Coaching Philosophiy

          7 Principles of Bushi-do

           10 Precepts of Karate-do

          20 Principles of Karate-do

           5 Dojo Kun Code

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