Shotokan Karate Union, 松涛館 空手連盟, Established 1985. 
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First Published August 1985
Revised August 2014  Issue 56    SKU Quarterly Magazine

Compiled by D Kirkham

Japanese to English Translations

Japanese        English

Ai ki do 合気道     The way of the spirit of harmony.

Age Uke      Rising Head Block

Aite      Opponent/Training Partner

Ai-Uchi      Simultaneous Scoring Technique, No Point Awarded To Either. Referee Brings Fists Together In Front Of Chest

Aka      Red

Aka (Ao)(Shiro) Ippon       Red (Blue) (White) Scores one full Point (1 point system)

Aka (Ao) (Shiro) Ippon       Red (Blue)(White) Scores Three Points (3 point system)

Aka (Ao)(Shiro) No Kachi      Red (Blue)(White) Wins

Aka (Ao)(Shiro) Waza-Ari      Red (Blue)(White) Scores Two Points (3 point system)

Aka (Ao) (Shiro) Waza-Ari      Red (Blue)(White) Scores One Half of a Point (1 point system)

Aka (Ao)(Shiro) Yuko      Red (Blue) (White) Scores One Point (3 point system)

Aka / Ao / Shiro No Kachi      Red / Blue / White Victorious

Ao      Blue

Arigatoh Gozaimashita     Thank you very much.

Ashi Barai      Foot Sweep

Atemi Waza 当身     Refers to blows or strikes to vital points of the head and body

Atenai Yoni      Warning Without Penalty; Referee Raises 1 Hand In Fist With Other Hand Covering It At Chest Level And Shows It To Offender.

Atoshi Baraku      A Little More Time Left

Awase Tsuki      U Punch

Awase Uke      Combination Block

Awase Waza      Decision Wins

Ayumi-Ashi 歩み足      Walking

Barai      Sweeping Block

Bogu      Protective Armour Used In Sparring

Budo 武道      The Martial Way

Bunkai 分解      The Analysis of, The Deconstruction of The techniques and combinations of Kata.

Bunkai Honto      Bunkai Honto Analysis using the real, the true

Bunkai Omote      Bunkai Omote Analysis using the obvious, the surface.

Bunkai Ura      Bunkai Ura Analysis using the hidden, the secret alternative.

Chakugan      Focusing Ones Countenance And Gaze By Fixing The Eyes

Chikara  力      Power, Strength

Chikara No Kyojaku      Balancing Of The Use Of Strength

Chiro      Brown

Choku Tsuki      Standing Straight Punch

Chudan      Middle Body Section

Chui      Warning

Chukoku      Chukoku Is Imposed For The First Instance Of A Minor Infraction For The Applicable Category.

Dachi      Stance

Dai Jodan      Above the head

De-Ai    出会い      Directly intercepting; meeting an oncoming attack with your counter attack. also see Tai no Sen

Dan      Higher Ranking Karate-Ka

Dogeza      Bowing From Seiza

Do      The Way

Dogi      Karate Uniform

Dohai      Equal in rank/age to oneself

Doji Jogai      Both Competitors Have Moved Outside The Match Area

Dojo 道場      Training Hall

Dojo Buchō      Dojo Captain

Dojo Fuka Buchō      Dojo Vice Captain

Do-Kyaku      The Moving Leg

Domo Arigatoh Gozaimashita      Thank You Very Much

Embusen      Directional Line, The Route Of Kata

Empi      Elbow

Encho      Extension

Enchosen Hajime      Beginning Of Extension

Enpi      Flying Swallow Kata

Enso      The Circle Of Enlightenment, The Infinity Circle, Mutual Circle Or "Circle Of Togetherness

Eshaku      Bowing To 15 - 20 Degrees

Fudo Dachi Sochin Dachi      Rooted Stance Immovable Stance

Fudoshin 不動心      Immovable Mind totally determined

Fukushin      Assistant Referee Judges

Fukushin Shugo      Judges Conference

Fumidashi  踏み出し      stamping step, stepping while performing fumikomi geri.

Fumikiri Geri      Cutting Kick

Fumikomi Geri      Stamping Kick

Fusen-Gachi      Victory By Default

Fusenhai      A Loss By Default

Fusensho      A Win By Default

Fusho Tora 負傷虎      Wounded Tiger by D.Kirkham

Gaijin      Foreigner

Gedan      Lower Body Section

Gedan Barai      Lower Parry Block

Genkan 玄関     Entrance Hall where outdoor shoes are left in a Traditional Japanese Dojo.

Geri      Kicking

Go      5

Go Dan      5th Dan

Go Kyu      5th Kyu

Go No Sen      Seizing The Initiative Later

Gogi      Consultation

Gohon Kumite      5 Step Sparring

Goshin  護身      Referring to as REAL COMBAT, ACTUAL FIGHTING

Gyaku Hanmi      Reverse Half Facing

Gyaku Kaiten      Reverse Rotation

Gyaku Mawashi Geri     Reverse Roundhouse Kick

Gyaku Shuto Uke      Reverse Knife hand block. Also reffered to as Ryu Un no Uke (Block of the flowing cloud).

Gyaku Tsuki      Reverse Punch

Hachi      8

Hachi Dachi      Open Leg Stance

Hachi Dan      8th Dan

Hachi Kyu      8th Kyu

Haishu Uchi      Back Hand Strike

Haishu Uke      Back Hand Block

Haito Uchi      Ridge Hand Strike

Haito Uke      Ridge Hand Block

Hajime      Begin

Hamni      Half Facing

Hangetsu Dachi      Half Moon Stance

Hanshi      Example Model teacher of teachers. 8th dan and higher aged 50 years plus

Hansoku      Violation/Rule Infraction/Foul/Disqualification

Hansoku Chui      Warning With An Ippon Penalty, Ippon Added To Opponents Score.

Hantei      Decision

Hantei Kachi      Winner By Decision

Happo Kumite 八方組み手     8 directional grappling hands

Hara     Stomach

Hassami Tsuki      Scissor Punch

Hata      Flag

Heiko Dachi      Parallel Stance

Heiko Tsuki     Parallel Punch

Heisoku Dachi      Informal Attention Stance Feet Together

Higher Ranking Karate-Ka      Dan Grade

Hiji Uke      Elbow Block

Hijun 批准      Ratification

Hikiwake      Draw

Hira Ken Tsuki      Fore Knuckle Fist Punch

Hiza      Knee

Hiza Geri      Knee Kick

Hogan 包含      Inclusion

Hoitsugan 抱一龕      Hugging niche, the name of M.Nakayama's Private Dojo in Ebisu Tokyo Japan

HokoTenkan      Changing Direction

Hombu / Honbu   本部      Headquarters, Head Office, Main Office

Honoiro      Orange

Ichi      1

Ik Kyu      1st Kyu

Ikken Hisatsu      To Kill With One Blow, to kill two birds with one stone, total committment to your techniques success

Inyo      Balancing Of And The Correct Use Of The Active And Passive

Ippon      3 Match Points

Ippon      One Full Point

Ippon     (Perfectly executed technique Full Point Award) highest scoring point greater than Wazari, Yuko and Koka.

Ippon Ken Tsuki      One Knuckle Fist

Ippon Nukite      1 Finger Spear Hand

Ippon Shobu      One Point Match

Irimi      To Enter Straight In

Itami Wake      No Contest

Ititekini      Purposefully

Jikan      Time Out

Jiku-Ashi      Pivot Leg

Jinsoku Ni      Swiftly

Jissen 実戦      Referring to as REAL COMBAT, ACTUAL FIGHTING

Jiyu Ippon Kumite      Semi Free Fighting

Jiyu Kumite      Free Fighting

Jiyu No Kamae      Free Style On Guard Position

Jodan      Upper Body Section

Jogai      Out Of Bounds

Jogai Keikoku      Exit From Fighting Area.

Jogai-Chui      Exit Warning

Joeseki 上席     Front row position at the far right of the Dojo (upper seat).

Ju Dan      10th Dan

Judo 柔道     Gentle Way

Ju Kyu      10th Kyu

Ju Or Jyu      10

Juji Uke      X Block

Ju Jitsu 柔術     Gentle Art

Jun Kaiten      Regular Rotation

Jun-Tsuki     Lunge Punch

Kachi      Winner

Kaeshi 返し      To Return To Give Back

Kagi Tsuki      Hooking Punch

Kaikomi      Bringing the knee up high

Kaisho Waza     Open hand technique

Kaiten      Rotation

Kaizen 親睦の社会     Continual Improvement, change for the better

Kakato Geri      Heel Kick Axe Kick

Kake Uke      Hooking Block

Kakiwake Uke      Reverse Wedge Block

Kakuto Uchi      Bent Wrist Strike

Kamae Te      On Guard

Kamiza      Seat Of Gods

Kancho      Head of dojo (literal translation) Head of style/organisation (in practice) title more than rank.

Kaicho      Regional Head of style/organisation (in practice) title more than rank.

Kamiza 上座    refers to the front region of the dojo (seat of gods).

Kankyaku      Spectator

Kansa      Match Supervisor

Kanto Sho      Fighting Spirit Prize

Karate      Empty Hand

Karate Do 空手道      The Way of the Empty Hand

Karate Ka      Karate Student

Karate Jitsu 唐手術     The practice of the actual techniques of Karate, the Art of the Empty Hand

Karate Ni Sente Nashi      There is no first attack in Karate-Do, Karate always starts with a defensive technique.

Kata      Formal Exercise

Kata No Ju Taiyoso      The Ten Elements Of Karate Kata

Katsu      To Win/Be Victorious

Katte      Poised ready for action

Keikoku      Severe Warning; Penalty Of Wazari

Keirei      Bow To a 30 Degree Angle

Keitai No Hoji      Maintaining The Correct Positioning Of Both Ones Movement And Stance

Keito Uchi      Chicken Head Strike

Keito Uke      Chicken Head Block

Ken Do 剣道     The way of the Sword

Kensei 牽制 Waza 技    Feinting Techniques

KenShuSei   研修生     Trainee / Apprentice who is learning on the job. Usually referring to Karate-ka on an Instructors Programme.

Kenpo 拳法     Fist Law

Keri Ashi     Kicking Leg

Ki      Internal Energy Force

Kiai      Focused Shouting Spiritual Meeting

Kiba Dachi      Horse Riding Stance

Kihaku 気迫     fighting spirit

Kihon      Basics

Kihon Ippon Kumite      1 Step Sparring

Kiiro      Yellow

Kikai 機会      Opportunity

Kiken      Renunciation

Kime  決め     Focus, to decide

Kin Geri      Instep Kick

Kiryoku 気力     Willpower Ki (Spirit) Ryoku (Strength)

Kizami Tsuki      Jab Punch

Kodansha      Senior Blackbelt

Kohai 後輩      Lower Rank Than Oneself, Junior

Koka     Judo Term (Small Advantage) lowest scoring point, less than Ippon, Wazari, and Yuko.

Koko Uchi      Tigers Mouth Strike

Koko Uke      Tigers Mouth Block

Kokutsu Dachi      Back Stance

Koryu      Old School/ Old Flow/ Old way of doing things

Koshi      Hip, Ball Of The Foot

Koshi 腰 Kaiten 回 転      Hip Rotation

Koshi Kamae      Hip Posture

Ku Dan      9th Dan

Ku Kyu      9th Kyu

Ku or Kyu      9

Kumade Uchi      Bear Hand Strike

Kumite 組 手      Sparring, Grappling Hands

Kyoku      Breathing And Posture Control

Kyogi 競技      Sporting competition

Kyōryoku 協力      Co-operation Collaberation

Kyoshi      7th And Higher Aged 50 Years Plus "Kyoshi" "Professor" or "Philosophy".

Kyoushi 教師      A teacher the profession of.

Kyu      Lower Ranking Karate-Ka

Ma-Ai  間合い      Distancing between two opponents in combat, literal meaning interval

Mae Empi Uchi      Front Elbow Strike

Mae Geri     Front Kick

Mae Tobi Geri      Flying Front Kick

Majiri      Brawl (Melee)

Make      Loser

Makeru      To Lose, Be Beaten

Manji Uke      Swastika Like But Sign Of Peace Block

Mawashi Empi      Roundhouse Elbow Strike

Mawashi Geri      Roundhouse Kick

Mawashi Tsuki      Roundhouse Punch

Mawashi Uke     Roundhouse Block

Mawatte      Turn

Meditation      Mokuso

Midori      Green

Mienai      A Call By A Judge To Indicate That A Technique Was Not Visible From His/Her Angle.

Mika Tsuki Geri      Crescent Kick

Mokuso      Silent Meditation or Contemplation

Mokuso Yame     End Meditation

Mondo      Question and Answer dialogue between sensei and student instructional / inspirational

Morote Uke      Augmented Block

Moto No Ichi      Original Position

Mubobi      Self Endangerment

Mubobi Chui     A Full Point Penalty For Passivity Or Lack Of Spirit

Muda Na Waza      No Added or Wasted Movement

Mudansha      Kyu Grades

Mumobi      Warning For Lack Of Regard For One’S Own Safety

Mumobi Keikoku      Warning With Waza

Murasaki      Purple

Mushin 無心      literally means “mind without mind”. The ability to stay calm under the stresses and pressures of combat. The Inner Silence.

Musubi Dachi      V Stance, Informal Attention Stance Toes Out

Nafuda Kake 名札かけ     Notice Board Where Name Plaques Of Students Rankings Are Placed

Nagashi Tsuki      Sliding Flowing Punch

Nagashi Uke      Sliding Sweeping Block

Nakadaka Ippon Ken Tsuki      Middle Knuckle Fist Punch

Namae Ashi      Returning Wave

Naore 直 れ      Recover Relax

Naoru      Relax

Neko Ashi Dachi      Cat Stance

Ni      2

Ni Dan      2nd Dan

Ni Kyu      2nd Kyu

Nihon Nukite      2 Finger Spear Hand

Nihon Shobu      Fighting To Two Points

Ninshiki 認識      Recognition

Niramiai     The Pre-Fight Staring Match

No Do      Concentration

No Kachi      Winner

Nukite      Spear Hand Strike

Nyumon      Entry Level Student

O Sensei     Great teacher, a posthumous term of respect to the founder of or the head of the style/organisation.

Obi      Karate Belt

Ochitsuite      Calmly

Oi Tsuki      Lunge Punch

Okuri      Multi meaning word but in martial Arts circles to follow through, to slide

Okuri Ashi      Sliding Leg

Okuri Ashi Barai      The Sliding Leg Sweep

Okuri Tsuki      Follow Through Punch

Onegai Shimasu お願いします      Translates into, please, if you may, with your permission; it's a request, a solicitation, an invitation, and is used student to student when you are inviting a partner to train with you, or student to sensei at the classes opening ceramony when you ask him to please teach me. (Also see Oss Osu)

Osae Uke      Pressing Block

O sensei      Great teacher, a posthumous term of respect to the founder of or the head of the style/organisation.

Oss Osu 押忍     Is a low rent slang abbreviation of Ohayou Gozaimasu おはようございます some say Onegai Shimasu お願いします. It actually means to endure but It's also a multi purpose word and is used to show respect or you are in agreement with or to show that you understand when communicating student to sensei after a direct piece of instruction from the sensei.

Otagai ni Rei      Bow To Fellow Students

Otagai-Ni-Rei      Bow To Contestants

Otoshi Empi Uchi      Downward Elbow Strike

Otoshi Tsuki      Downward Dropping Punch

Otoshi Uke      Dropping Block

Oyo 応用     The Application, Involves The Interpretation Of The Bunkai And Then Taking It To The Next Level. The practical application of karate for self defence.

Randori 乱取り      free exchange of Shotokan kumite techniques during the class. Literally means "chaos taking" or "grasping freedom."

Rei      Bow

Reiniku 霊肉      Body And Soul

Ren Geri      Combination Kick

Renmei 連盟     A Coming together, A Union of

Renoji Dachi      L Stance

Renshi      3rd Dan to 5th Dan Aged 35 Years Plus "Ren" "Polished Tempered" "Shi" "Person".

Roku     6

Roku Dan      6th Dan

Roku Kyu      6th Kyu

Ryoku   力     Strength, Power

Ryu      School

Ryu Un no Uke     Block of the flowing cloud. Also see Gyaku Shuto Uke (Reverse Knife hand block).

Sagiashi Dachi      Crane On Rock Stance

Saikeirei      Bow To A 45 Degree Angle

Sakui Uke      Scooping Block

Sambon / Sanbon Kumite      Three Step Sparring

Sambon / Sanbon Tsuki      Triple Punch

San      3

San Dan      3rd Dan

San Kyu      3rd Kyu

Sanbon Shobu      Three Point Match

Sanbon Shobu Hajime      Start The Match

Sanchin Dachi      Hour Glass Stance

Sasae Ashi      Supporting leg

Satori No Wa Ga Hinode To Tomoni Yattekuru      The Circle Of Enlightenment Comes With Every Rising Sun.

Seiretsu      Line Up

Seito Deshi      Student, pupil of a martial art.

Seiryuto Uchi      Ox Jaw Strike

Seiryuto Uke      Ox Jaw Block

Seiza      Kneeling/Sit Posture

Sempai or Senpai 先輩     Senior, same or higher rank than oneself

Sen Nen      Undivided Attention

Sen No Sen      Seizing The Initiative Early

Sensei      Teacher Instructor Master “one who has gone before”

Sensei Ni Rei      Bow To The Sensei

Senshin 先心      Future Foresight Vision Enlightened / spirit mind

Sentei Kata      Intermediate Group Of Designated Kata

Shi      4

Shiai     Tournament, Competition

Shiai Geiko      Tournament Practice

Shiai-Jo      Match Area

Shichi Dan      7th Dan

Shichi or Nana      7

Shido      Light Warning

Shihan 師範      6th and 7th Aged 50 Years Plus “Shihan” Master Instructor

Shikkaku      Disqualification “Leave The Area”

Shiko Dachi      Square Stance

Shime 締め      Squeeze Together / Tighten

Shimoeski 下関     Lower Side Left Side The West Side Of The Dojo when facing shomen

Shimoza 下座      Lower Seat, The Back, The South Of The Dojo opposite Kamiza

Shinboku no Shakai  親睦の社会     Friendhip Society

Shin-Tai-Gi   心技体    Mind Body Technique Advancement

Shin-Tai-Waza   心技体     Mind Body Technique Advancement

Shinpan      Referee

Shinpan-Ni-Rei      Bow To Officials

Shinza      Seat Of Gods

Shiro      White

Shita Hiza      Below the Knee

Shitei Kata      Designated, Assigned, Expected To Know Kata

Shizentai      Natural Stance / Informal Attention Stance

Sho Dan      1st Dan Degree

Shobu      Sparring Match

Shobu Hajime      Start The Match Or Bout

Shobu Ippon      1 Point Match

Shobu Sambon      3 Point Match

Shomen 正面     Front Facing, Front Of Dojo, True Face

Shomen Ni Rei      Bow To The Front

Shoshin 初心     Learning / Beginners’ Mind

Shotokan      The Hall Of Funakoshi

Shugo      Judges Called

Shu Ha Ri 守 破 離      Obey, Break, Digress are the healthy 3 Transitional, Transactional stages of the learning process between teacher and student. Stage 1: SHU = To Obey, The Following of the fundamentals without deviation (Student Stage). Stage 2: HA from the word yabure = To Break, To tear apart, The Free Thought process effect of self interpretation on actual application, these interpretations may deviate from tradition thinking (Sensei Stage). Stage 3: Ri from the word Hanareru = To Seperate, Digress, The Innovation Stage, The Personal Development stage that deviates from what is thought of as the traditional way (Master Stage).

Shuseki 主席 / Shuseki Shihan 主席 師範     Top Post Ranking / Chief Instructor/Coach

Shuto Uchi      Knife / Sword Hand Strike

Shuto Uke      Knife / Sword Hand Block

Sichi Kyu      7th Kyu

Sochin Dachi Fudo Dachi      Rooted Stance Immovable Stance

Soji     Cleaning the Dojo Ritual

Soke     Founder of the art/style or his acknowledged and rightful successor. 10th dan.

Sokumen     to the side, sideways

Sokutei Mawashi Uke      Circular Foot Block

Sonkei 尊敬      Respect

Soto Uke      Outside Block

Sugu Ni      Quickly

Sundome      Control : stopping the moment before

Suri Ashi 摺足     Sliding feet, shuffling of one's feet.

Tachi Agaru     Stand Up

Tai Ki Ban Sei      A great talent matures late

Tai No Sen      Seize the Initiative Early similar to Sen no Sen but in Tai no Sen both bodies move inward together. also see De-Ai

Tai No Shinshuku      Refers To The Degree Of Expansion And Contraction, The Relaxation Or Tension Of The Body

Tai Sabaki      Body Judgement

Taikai      Tournament

Tatami 畳     Japanese Rush Mats

Tate Empi Uchi     Upward Elbow Strike

Tate Ken Tsuki      Vertical Fist Punch

Tate Shuto Uke      Verticle Knife hand block.

Tate Uke     Vertical Knife Hand Block

Tatte Kudasai      Stand Up Please

Teisho Uchi      Palm Heel Strike

Teisho Uke      Palm Heel Block

Teji Dachi      T Stance

Tekubi Uke      Bent Wrist Block

Tenkai-Ashi 転回      Pivot

Tenkan      Divert Convert

Tetsui Uchi      Hammer Fist Strike

Tokui Kata      Free Choice, Favoured Speciality Kata

Toranai      No Point

Torimasen      No Score Or Foul Rendered By The Judges

Toshi 闘志      “fighting spirit” it's especially required when one is being pushed beyond one's usual physical and mental limits.

Tsugi-Ashi   次足      Pulling the foot towards the supporting leg a shuffle step

Tsukami Uke      Grabbing Block

Tsukami Waza      Grabbing technique

Tsuki      Punch (Thrust)

Tsuki Uke      Punching Block

Tsuki-Te      Attacking Partner

Tsuzukete      Fight On

Tsuzukete Hajime      Resume Fighting - Begin

Tyakugan      Constant Awareness Of What Is The Correct Target Area

Uchi      Strike

Uchi Deshi      Student who lived and trained with the master.

Uchi Hachi Dachi      Inverted Open Leg Stance

Uchi Komi      To repeat the same move many times. / Pounding in. / Basic form of controlled impact.

Uchi Uke      Inside Block

Uke     Block, to Recieve.

Uke-Te      Defending Partner

Unsoku      Feet Movement

Ura Ken      Back Fist

Ura Tsuki      Upper Cut Close Punch

Ushiro Empi Uchi      Backward Elbow Strike

Ushiro Mawashi Geri      Backward Roundhouse Kick

Ushiro Tobi Geri      Flying Back Kick

Wanto Uchi      Forearm Strike

Wanto Uke      Inside Forearm Block

Washi Te Uchi      Eagle Hand Strike

Wazari     (Not quite worthy of Ippon. Half Point Award) greater than Koka, and Yuko but less than Ippon. Half Point / 2 Points

Waza No Kankyu      Using The Correct Speed In Relation To Each Individual Movement In The Kata

Wounded Tiger 負傷虎      Fusho Tora by D.Kirkham

Yakusoku 約束      Promise

Yakusoku 約束 Kumite 組 手      Basic Pre-Arranged Sparring, promised Grappling Hands

Yama Tsuki      Mountain Punch

Yama Uke      Mountain Block

Yame      Finish Stop

Yoi      Make Ready

Yoi No Kisin      Preparation Of The Mind And Spirit

Yoko Empi Uchi      Side Elbow Strike

Yoko Geri Keage      Side Snap Kick

Yoko Geri Kekomi      Side Thrust Kick

Yoko Tobi Geri      Flying Side Kick

Yon Dan      4th Dan

Yon Kyu      4th Kyu

Yori Ashi      Sliding The Feet

Yoshi      Lets Do It, Get A Move On, Etc

Yudansha      Black Belt Ranking

Yukkuri      Slowly

Yuko     (Advantage) greater than Koka but less than Ippon and Wazari. Lesser Point / 1 Point / Quarter Point

Yuzen      Air Of Composure

Zanshin  残心     Lingering Mind / Remaining On Guard

Zenkutsu Dachi      Front Stance

Zenshin 全身 Zenrei 全霊      Whole Of Ones Body, Mind & Soul remaining alert, remaining on guard.

The 27 Kata of 松涛館 Shotokan Ryu     Hall of Funakoshi school

太極初段 Taikyoku Shodan     Kihon Kata First Cause Fundamental Kata
平安初段 Heian Shodan      Peaceful Mind, First Level
平安二段 Heian Nidan      Peaceful Mind, Second Level
平安三段 Heian Sandan      Peaceful Mind, Third Level
平安四段 Heian Yondan      Peaceful Mind, Fourth Level
平安五段 Heian Godan      Peaceful Mind, Fifth Level
鉄騎初段 Tekki Shodan      Iron Horse Riding, First Level
鉄騎弐段 Tekki Nidan      Iron Horse Riding, Second Level
鉄騎参段 Tekki Sandan      Iron Horse Riding, Third Level
披塞大 Bassai Dai      To Penetrate A Fortress Major
披塞小 Bassai Sho      To Penetrate A Fortress Minor
観空大 Kanku Dai      To View The Sky Major
観空小 Kanku Sho      To View The Sky Minor
半月 Hangetsu      Half Moon
五十四歩大 Goju Shi Ho Dai      Fifty Four Steps Major
五十四歩小 Goju Shi Ho Sho      Fifty Four Steps Minor
燕飛 Enpi      Flying Swallow
慈恩 Jion      Debt Of Gratitude To The Temple
慈陰 Jiin      Temple Grounds
十手 Jitte      Ten Hands / Ten Pairs of Hands
明鏡 Meikyo / Rohai      Bright Mirror
二十四步 Niju Shi Ho      Twenty Four Steps
王冠 Wankan      King’s Crown
岩鶴 Gankaku      Crane On A Rock
壯鎭 Sochin      Strength And Calm
珍手 Chinte      Rare Unusual Hand
雲手 Unsu      Cloud Hands

The Extra Kata of the Asai Ryu Shotokan System

Gankaku sho
Hikioshi no Kata
Hyakuhappo (Hyakuhachiho)
Meikyo Nidan
Meikyo Sandan
Shotei Dai

Tekki Mugen Shodan
Tekki Mugen Nidan
Tekki Mugen Sandan

Dai Ichi Ken
Dai Ni Ken
Dai San Ken
Dai Yon Ken


Junro Shodan
Junro Nidan
Junro Sandan
Junro Yondan
Junro Godan

Joko Issei
Joko Nisei
Joko Sansei
Joko Yonsei
Joko Gosei

Kakuyoku Shodan
Kakuyoku Nidan
Kakuyoku Sandan

The 12 Kata of Okinawan 剛柔流 Goju-Ryu      Hard and Soft school

十三 Seisan      13
壱百零八 Suparinpei      108
砕破 Saifa      Break / Smash
制引戦 Seiunchin      System for pulling in battle
三戦 Sanchin      Three Wars
久留頓破 Kururunfa      Sudden Attack After Waiting
三十六 Sanseiryu      36
四向戦 Shisochin      4 Front War
転掌 Tensho      Rotating Palms / Circular Hands
十八 Seipai      18
撃砕 Gekisai 1 & 2      Pulverize

The 18 Kata of Okinawan 小林 Shorin-Ryu      Shaolin School

普及型 Fukyugata 1 & 2      Wide Reach Kata
平安 Pinan 1, 2, 3, 4, 5      Easy
内半戦 Naihanchi 1, 2, 3      Half way through a battle
安南空 Ananku      Fight Against Oppression
腕貫 Wankan      King’s Crown
鷺牌 Rohai      Heron Image
汪楫 Wanshu      Chinese Surname
抜塞 Passai      Extract from a fortress
五十四方 Gojushiho      54 steps
戦東 Chinto      Fighting to the East
公相君 Kushanku      Diplomacy

The Kata of Okinawan 劉衛流 Ryuei-Ryu

安南 Anan      Southern Safety
黒虎 Heiku      Black Tiger
巴球 Pachu      Spiral
白鶴 Paiho      White Crane
二十四 Niseishi      24
三十六 Sanseiryu      36
制引戦 Seienchin      Fight Against Oppression
十三 Seisan      13
白虎 Paiku      White Tiger
三戦 Sanchin      Three Wars

糸東流 Shito-Ryu

Shinpa (Uechi ryu)
Nipaipo (Gokenki ryu)
青柳 Aoyagi      Clam
十六 Juroku      16
明浄 Myojo      Bright Clarity
新破 Shinpa      New Breakaway
八方掌 Happo Sho      Eight Directions Minor
新生 Shinsei 1 & 2      New Life
四方公相君 Shiho Kosokun      Four Directions
拳秀 Kenshu      Fist Genius
賢掌 Kensho      Talented Palms
弐八方 Nipaipo      28 Directions

糸東流 Shito-Ryu Kata from Goju Ryu (Higashionna Kanryo)

十三 Seisan      13
壱百零八 Suparinpei      108
砕破 Saifa      Break / Smash
征遠鎮 Seienchin      Put Down a Distant Rebellion
三戦 Sanchin      Three Wars
久留頓破 Kururunfa      Sudden Attack After Waiting
三十六 Sanseiryu      36
四向戦 Shisochin      4 Front War
転掌 Tensho      Rotating Palms
十八 Seipai      18
雲手 Unshu      Cloud Hands
壮珍 Sochin      Grand Suppression

糸東流 Shito-Ryu Kata from Shorin Ryu (Itosu Yasutsune)

平安 Pinan 1, 2, 3, 4, 5     Easy Calmness

内半戦 Naihanchi 1, 2, 3      Half way through a battle
安南空 Ananku      Fight Against Oppression
腕貫 Wankan      King’s Crown
鷺牌 Rohai      Heron Image
汪楫Wanshu      Chinese Surname
抜塞大 Bassai-Dai      Extract from Fortress Major
抜塞小 Bassai-Sho      Extract from a fortress Minor
止の抜塞 Tomari Bassai
松村の抜塞Matsumura Bassai
親止の抜崔Oyadomari Bassai
五十四方 Gojushiho      54 steps

戦東 Chinto      Fighting to the East
公相君大 Kosokun-Dai
公相君小 Kosokun-Sho
公相君 Yara Kosokun
時恩 Jion      Debt of Gratitude to the Temple
十手 Jitte      Ten Hands / Ten Men
寺院 Jiin      Temple Grounds
松村の十三Matsumura Seisan
松村の鷺牌 Matsumura Rohai
二十四 Niseishi      24
止の汪楫 Tomari Wanshu
松風 Matsukaze      Pine Wind

糸東流 Shito-Ryu Kata from Chinese White Crane (Go Kenki)

白鶴 Hakutsuru      White Crane